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Secret eating is a behaviour that often starts at a young age, especially for those who were told that certain foods were 'bad'.

It can be best described as eating more in private than you would in front of others, and there can be any number of reasons as to why it starts. Perhaps you are ashamed of the amount you eat and you have a fear of being judged by others.

It is both a self-soothing mechanism and a deeply conditioned response from the subconscious; a part of you does not feel safe being transparent about your eating behaviours, and you may also be using comfort foods to fill a deeper need.

If I Do It In Secret It Doesn't Count

Sometimes we hide our eating behaviours from ourselves; there is almost an unwritten law that says if nobody sees you do it then somehow it doesn't count, and will therefore have no impact on your health.

But deep down you know it does count, which is why you have landed on this page. Consuming sugary and fatty snacks behind closed doors will eventually show up on the bathroom scales.

As much as you know this, up until now it has been impossible for you to break this destructive habit. That's because you didn't have access to your subconscious mind. You can take responsibility for your health right now by working with your mind to remove the old beliefs that caused this unwanted pattern.

This Hypnosis MP3 Will Help You:

  • Listen to your body and eat what it really needs;
  • Stop responding to emotions by turning to unhealthy snacks;
  • Remove the beliefs that caused your secret eating behaviour;
  • Take back control of your weight and your health
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Length: 21:39
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