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You can use self-hypnosis to get the gambling help you need to conquer your addiction once and for all.

Gambling is a bug that puts you in a trance and, like an infectious weed, it eventually takes over every area of your life.

Seduced by the possibility of that one big win, you throw away your time, your money, your relationships and eventually, your self-respect.

It's All Just A Fantasy

When you lose money (as you inevitably do), you say to yourself: ‘I’ll never do that again’.

But when the next opportunity comes along, it’s as though you go into a trance where you forget about all the losses and can only see the potential winnings.

In reality, you’re trapped in an illusion that continues to suck you in and bleed you dry. If you need gambling help, self-hypnosis will help you wake up from the nightmare and see gambling for what it really is – a mug’s game.

As You Listen To This MP3 You Will:

  • Free yourself from the hold gambling has over you;
  • Only value money that has been honestly earned;
  • Improve your relationships and your self-respect;
  • Be responsible, rational and committed to changing your life
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Length: 21:15
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