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There's no doubt about it; feeling trapped or powerless is soul-destroying.

As human beings, we like to be in control. When we lose our sense of freedom, we can, and often do, fall in a heap.

What is making you feel trapped? Maybe you're in a toxic relationship that you can't leave because of the kids or financial constraints.

Or maybe you're stuck in a job you hate and see no way out. Whatever the case, you have more power than you think; you just don't know it yet.

You Have More Power Than You Think

Viktor Frankl put it very well when he said: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

True happiness is a result of how you respond to what's going on around you, and true power comes when you are able to experience happiness and contentment regardless of your circumstances.

Interestingly, when you pay close attention to how you react, you become less stressed and more likely to come up with a solution to your problem, if one can be found.

By Listening Regularly To This MP3 You Will:

  • Change what you can change and stop obsessing over what you can't change;
  • Discover how to gain a sense of freedom regardless of circumstances;
  • Let go of trying to control things;
  • Cultivate inner peace and freedom
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Length: 21:29
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