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It is said that boredom is one of the most stressful emotions; and the one you’re least likely to put up with. That’s why you surf the net, watch TV and eat mindlessly.

In fact you’d rather do anything else than just be in the present moment without any bells and whistles. Eating isn’t a problem by itself – but when boredom eating becomes a habit, your waistline pays the price.

Sometimes it might feel as though you’re fighting with yourself and when you eat without even realizing you’re doing it, you beat yourself up about it.

But there is a solution - you can use hypnosis to manage your boredom in healthier more positive ways than by turning to food.

This MP3 Will Help You:

  • Pay close attention to what you eat, when and why;
  • Find more healthy and productive ways to spend your time than with eating;
  • Learn to listen to your body and only eat when you’re truly hungry;
  • Maintain a comfortable, healthy weight
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Length: 22:08
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