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If you've decided to stop drinking alcohol forever you'll know how hard that can be to do that all on your own.

Some people can have a couple of drinks with no problem at all. Others can't stop once they start.

If you've found that cutting down on your alcohol consumption just doesn't work for you, you could be an alcoholic; if this is the case, you can never drink again.

Say What? Never Drink Again?

That's right. As daunting as that sounds, for some people the only solution to a drinking problem is abstinence.

If the thought of never drinking again scares you, take heart! You have at your disposal the most powerful phenomenon on the planet; your subconscious mind.

With the help of self-hypnosis you can find out the cause of your alcohol problem and eradicate it. On some level you are using alcohol to fill a deeper need. Once you find a healthier way to fill that need you will no longer need alcohol in your life.

This Recording Will Help You:

  • Manage your cravings for alcohol without acting on them;
  • Remove the beliefs in your subconscious mind that cause the addiction;
  • Find healthier ways to manage stress than turning to alcohol;
  • Let go of your alcohol addiction once and for all
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Length: 24:17
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Customer Reviews

Review by Daniel

I recommend this to anyone quitting alcohol

The MP3 feels very rich and immersive. It's a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

It's difficult to say with certainty how it actually does what it does, but I find that when cravings come now, they pass quicker and affect my judgement and mental state a lot less.

I feel much better equipped to deal with thoughts of alcohol and not let them spiral out of control and take up a lot of focus. Cravings feel "smaller" if that makes sense.

All in all an excellent product.

(Posted on 3/25/2016)

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