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Feelings of guilt and shame can be all-consuming, but you can enlist the power of your mind to make dealing with guilt easier.

It’s perfectly normal to have a conscience. You are a decent, compassionate person and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel bad for things you have done wrong in the past.

The fact that you feel guilt proves that you have a conscience. But there is a point when feelings of guilt serve no purpose other than to torture us.

We All Make Mistakes

Human beings are prone to making mistakes. Every one of us has hurt someone and been hurt by others in return.

When you feel remorse for your past mistakes you’re able to learn from the experience and move on. But when you’re riddled with guilt and you wear that guilt like a badge of dishonour, you’re stuck in the past.

If you want to stop being a slave to your feelings of guilt and shame, hypnosis is the perfect tool to help you do that.

This MP3 Will Assist You In Dealing With Guit In The Following Ways:

  • Forgive yourself for your perceived wrongdoings and move on;
  • Stop obsessing over your past and beating yourself up about it;
  • Recognise that there’s a limit to the punishment needed for any wrongdoing;
  • Learn from the past so you can enjoy a happier future
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Length: 22:24
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