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Q I'm Not In Australia, Can I Still Order From You?
Q I've Seen A Hypnosis Bundle I Want To Get, But I've Already Got Item(s) From It. I Don't Want To Pay Twice For These!
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Q How Do I Download A Product I Have Purchased?

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Q How Do I Play An MP3 Download On My Computer?
Q What Do Your Downloads Contain?
Q Is It OK To Fall Asleep While I'm Listening?
Q Will I Remember Everything That Was Said During The Recording?

About Hypnosis

Q What Exactly IS Hypnosis?
Q What Does It Feel Like?
Q Are There Any Scientific Studies On Hypnotherapy?
Q Can You Take Control Of My Mind?
Q What If I Can’t Be Hypnotized?
Q I’ve Seen People Do Crazy Things On Stage During A Hypnosis Show. Will This Happen To Me?
Q Do I Need To Believe In Hypnosis For It To Work?
Q What’s The Difference Between Hypnosis And Meditation?
Q What’s The Difference Between Hypnosis And Self-Hypnosis?
Q What’s The Difference Between Listening To A Download And Going To See A Hypnotherapist?

About This Company

Q What Makes Your Products Better Than All The Others?
Q Do You Really Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?
Q Do You Use Your Own Products?
Q What You Will NOT Find On This Website