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Too much of anything is bad for you and if you need alcohol help then self-hypnosis is an effective and affordable way to start.

A little wine with dinner can enhance a meal and a couple of beers with a good friend can be very enjoyable. But when you go too far, everybody suffers.

You’ve already established that you’re not an alcoholic. It’s just that when you do drink, something inside your mind flips and you feel compelled to just keep on drinking all night long.

Your Problem Is In Your Mind

Most people are able to tune into their bodies and recognise when they have had enough to drink. Your body is trying to communicate with you during these times, but for some reason you’ve lost the ability to pay attention to the signals it gives you.

If you don’t know when to stop drinking, frequently wake up with a hangover or if your relationships are suffering because of your drinking, you can get alcohol help by enlisting the power of your subconscious mind to help you establish more appropriate habits.

When You Use This Recording You Will Be Able To:

  • Stop the all-or-nothing thinking that keeps you going back for more even when you’ve had enough;
  • Remove the subconscious beliefs that cause you to lose your self-control and your self-respect;
  • Listen to your body and follow its cues – when it says ‘enough’ you will learn to pay attention and stop before you go too far;
  • Establish sensible and responsible drinking habits that let you enjoy alcohol without damaging your health or your relationships.
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Length: 22:55
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