Is Hypnosis Effective If I Remembered Everything?

Contrary to popular belief hypnosis isn't all about alternative realms and dream states.

In fact you can be quite aware of your surroundings when you're listening to a self-hypnosis recording.

So if, while listening to my products, you just feel that you were very relaxed but not much else happened, I encourage you to suspend your judgment and just see what happens.

See The Results And Become A Believer

I once had a client who came to me for weight loss because nothing else had worked.

She had been referred to me by a friend and admitted that the only reason she was even here was because her friend had recommended me so highly.

Misconceptions about self-hypnosis

She was highly skeptical of the process but agreed to give it a go. Now, normally if a person is so against the idea of hypnosis I’ll ask them to go away and have a really good think about whether or not this is the right choice for them.

The reason I do this is because, while I have complete faith in my ability as a hypnotherapist, I can’t force a person who doesn’t trust the process to be hypnotized.

Suspend Your Judgment And Keep An Open Mind

A certain degree of healthy skepticism is one thing; but absolute conviction that the therapy isn’t going to work is another thing altogether.

Still, something about this girl made me feel it was worth persisting, so with her permission, I hypnotized her. As soon as we finished her hypnosis session she had two things to say:

  • 'I don’t think I was hypnotized because I can remember everything you said and I could have opened my eyes at any point in time';
  • 'I don’t feel any different and I don’t think this has worked.'

Believe it or not this isn't such an uncommon response from clients experiencing hypnosis for the first time.

They're so caught up in their own ideas of what their experience 'should be' that they forget to leave it to the experts. My response to this particular client was: ‘Let’s just wait and see what happens’.

And....Wait And See We Did.

When she arrived for her next session in a week’s time she was flushed with excitement. She said: ‘it’s amazing! I just don’t WANT to eat unhealthy foods – and I’m not finishing everything on my plate!’

She went on to lose over 25 kilos and became one of my most successful calling cards for weight loss hypnosis. Go figure!

So what I’m saying is, whether you’re in a light state of hypnosis during which you remember everything that is said or in a deep hypnotic state where you hardly remember anything, both are equally effective. It doesn't matter if you don't remember everything from your self-hypnosis audio recording. You'll still get the results if that's what you really want.