Does Hypnosis Still Work If I Can't Concentrate?

Let's look at the effectiveness of listening to a hypnosis recording if you aren't concentrating fully on the message or the audio itself. A wandering mind is completely normal during hypnosis. Let me give you an example of how this works:

Let’s say you’re a smoker, and you want to quit. If you were to stand in front of a mirror while you’re wide awake and say the words ‘I am a non-smoker’, immediately you’d hear a little voice in your head saying: ‘No you’re not!’

That little voice is your conscious critical thinking mind which is on high alert when you’re awake. This is the part of your mind that says ‘how do I feel about that?’ whenever any thought, sensation, memory or other sensory data presents itself to your mind.

It’s kind of a ‘gatekeeper’ that allows you to respond to your established beliefs, memories and behaviour patterns so you don’t have to think too much in any given situation.

How The Subconscious Mind Works

The communications between the conscious and subconscious are extremely useful when, let’s say, you want to walk across the room.

You don’t have to tell your subconscious how to do this; it has access to all the past learning and memories so it can just get on with it without you having to make much effort.

If your critical mind wasn’t able to access the subconscious memories, imprints and patterns that you developed when you first learned how to do things, you’d have to start from scratch every time you wanted to perform any simple task.

Conscious Mind Chooses, Subconscious Mind Obeys

hypnosis and the delta state of mind

Okay…so back to the smoking. Your conscious critical mind is simply responding to the belief in your subconscious mind that you are a smoker.

Clearly, if you believed you were a non-smoker, you wouldn’t be smoking – and yet even though you want to change this belief, your critical mind won’t let you do that.

But when you start to relax, your critical mind is turned down so it can’t pay attention to what is being said. When your critical mind is turned down, your mind wanders off to other thoughts.

When you go really deep, you're in a state of trance called 'Delta'. During this time it feels as though you are asleep but quite the opposite is true.

In actual fact your subconscious mind is listening very intently to every word I say.

So when I, a hypnotherapist in Melbourne say ‘you are a non-smoker’ your subconscious mind accepts this suggestion as fact, while your conscious mind is off doing something else.

And that is how, with your permission, I help you to change the beliefs and behaviour patterns that are not working for you.

In conclusion- what appears to you, to be a lack of concentration during hypnosis, is nothing to worry about. It can even work to your advantage.