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Low self-esteem and lack of confidence are epidemic in our society and it’s no wonder.

From birth we are literally ‘hypnotised’ to feel as though we’re not good enough. Fortunately, hypnosis for confidence can reverse these negative effects.

Society has rigid rules about the definition of success and failure and from birth you receive very clear yet damaging messages about who you are and where you fit in.

You Do NOT Have To Believe These Messages

These messages are false and unfounded, but your subconscious mind doesn’t know this.

Your feelings of worthlessness come from very profound and deep conditioning in the mind that has been in place for a very long time.

Confidence Can Be Learnt

Few people are actually born with confidence. Throughout our lives we learn confidence in three ways;

  • Refusing to listen to the stories that our inner critic tells us (IE: ‘You’re useless, ugly, not good enough, etc…);
  • Eliminating the subconscious beliefs that are causing low self-esteem;
  • Moving out of our comfort zone and doing the things we think we’re afraid of

If you feel like a ‘fake’, are terrified that any day you’ll be exposed for the ‘fraud’ you really are or if you’re struggling to find your place in the world then this recording is perfect for you.

The Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Download Will Help You:

  • Let go of all the past conditioning and subconscious beliefs that have eroded your confidence;
  • Challenge your ‘inner critic’ and stop buying into the stories it is telling you;
  • Let go of all-or-nothing, perfectionist behaviours that leave you doomed to never be good enough;
  • Stand up for yourself, ask for what you want and stop worrying about what other people think
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Length: 22:09
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Customer Reviews

Review by Jess

Just what I needed!

This MP3 was incredible and it was exactly what I was needing. I especially liked the end part when you here all these incredible affirmations from all angles and it stays with you throughout your day.

I have had a hard year and I lost all confidence in myself and in my field of work, this is why I chose this MP3 to assist me.
I noticed changes almost immediately me as I started to feel confident in my new job, and I was not scared of what anyone thought as I knew I was right for the position I have.

Now I am confident when I go out and look at people in the eyes, and I feel I have a glow around me shows I am confident inside and out.

Thank you for this product Sonia! I have recommended it to several of my friends.

(Posted on 8/29/2015)

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