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If you are addicted to chocolate hypnosis can help you stop. The problem with chocolate is the more you eat it the more you want to eat it.

As you give into your cravings time and time again it creates a vicious cycle.

There are a couple of reasons why you think you can’t stop eating chocolate;

  • On some level you believe that the craving for chocolate will never pass and therefore it controls you;
  • You’ve bought into the myth that you don’t have the willpower to do it

Both of these reasons are actually beliefs that are locked deep inside your subconscious mind.

Right now you can’t access these beliefs and therefore you feel powerless to change them.

Your Beliefs Are Fuelling Your Addiction

The word ‘willpower’ comes up a lot when we think about addictions and bad habits. Willpower simply means free choice – the ability to choose whether you want to do something or whether you do not want to do it.

The real problem is that right now, you don’t believe you’re strong enough say no to chocolate when you want to.

But the good news is you can change the beliefs that are keeping you addicted to chocolate using self-hypnosis.

This MP3 Will Help You:

  • Recognise your cravings for what they are and let them pass easily;
  • Feel confident in your ability to either cut down or completely stop eating chocolate;
  • Retrain your mind to eat healthy, low fat alternatives;
  • Gain more self-respect and confidence in your ability to take control of your eating behaviours.
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Length: 23:18
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