Can You Get Stuck In Hypnosis?

It is impossible to get stuck in a state of hypnosis, -whether you are working privately with a therapist or listening to a self-help hypnosis download.

It is part of your natural make-up as a human being, to experience various states of awareness throughout the day. Sometimes you need to be wide awake, alert, and highly energetic – for example if you’re playing a team sport.

At other times you might be feeling more laid back- your mind is relaxed as you find yourself daydreaming or drifting off to some pleasant fantasy.

When your mind wanders off, you are in a trance. As you know, you’ve come back to awareness thousands of times when your mind wanders off during the day. And just like that, when the hypnosis MP3 finishes, you will come out of that trance too – in your own time.

What Happens When You Go Into Trance

Misconceptions about self-hypnosis products

When you go into a trance, you bypass the conscious critical analytical part of your mind through relaxation and concentration; and you do this by choice.

You remain conscious during this time, except your critical mind – that is your ‘thinking’ mind - is turned way down.

Just as you choose to focus your attention on the sound of my voice, you can choose to stop focusing your attention and come out of a trance whenever you want.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

You might have heard frightening stories of stage hypnosis where one of the participants on stage may have been locked in a state of trance.

Firstly, this only happens if an audience member chooses to remain in a trance. Once again, it is that person’s choice and they have the power to enter and exit the trance at all times.

The fact is we’re hardwired to take action in situations of threat or danger. So, let’s say you were listening to one of my MP3s and a smoke alarm went off in your house – you would immediately wake up and attend to the potential crisis on your own, without any prompting needed.

It Is A Very Enjoyable Experience

Sometimes you may feel that you don’t want to come out of hypnosis because it’s such a pleasant experience. But again, eventually you will always open your eyes.

One of my old teachers, a great mentor to me in the early years, used to joke that if by chance any of his clients chose not to open their eyes after being instructed to do so at the end of a session, he would say to the client:

‘from this moment on, with every minute you remain in a state of hypnosis I will add $10.00 to your final bill’.

The eyes opened pretty much straight away after that! So relax and and rest assured that hypnotherapy in all of its forms is safe!
This includes listening to hypnosis downloads, as well as working one-to-one with a professional hypnotherapist.