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How To Tell If You Are Hypnotized

Have you ever wondered what actually happens to the brain during self-hypnosis? Every now and then I get a client who just can’t get their head around the fact that during their hypnosis session they’re able to hear, remember and comprehend most or all of what I say.

There are so many myths about hypnosis going around that even when I explain in detail what will happen to first-timers, they’re often gob-smacked at just how ordinary it feels., and subsequently a little sceptical of its efficacy.

Make no mistake – hypnotherapy is anything but ordinary and can allow you to create powerful changes in your life if you find the right therapist.

Yet the process of hypnosis, which is really actually self-hypnosis, is deceptively simple. So for all you techies out there here is an in-depth explanation of exactly what is going on in your brain when you relax with me in my chair, or if you listen to one of my hypnosis downloads on your own.


Stages of hypnosis

Your state of awareness can be physically measured by an electroencephalograph using frequency (Hz). Beta is measured at 14-50 Hz and can be described as waking consciousness.

You are alert, wide awake and when we communicate you can hear, comprehend and understand everything I am saying.

During this time your conscious critical mind is activated and you respond to existing beliefs in your subconscious, acting upon those beliefs on a day to day basis.


When you begin to listen to my voice during your session, you relax and your brainwave frequency drops. The reticular activating system in your brain starts to shut down and your conscious mind takes a little haiaitus. Eventually, you drop down to Apha, which is measured at 7.5-14Hz.

During this time, you can hear and understand me. You are able to follow along with any guided visualisation I offer, using your imagination vividly. Your mind is very receptive to the suggestions I give you during this time.


When you start to relax even more your brainwave frequency may drop further, down to Theta, which is measured at 4-7.5Hz. During this time your mind may wander off and you might even miss parts of what I say.

This is perfectly normal and it means that your subconscious mind is listening to and acting upon my suggestions.

My client Sandra who came to see me for weight loss, was terribly worried because whenever she listened to my weight loss recording at home, she couldn't concentrate on the words of the recording.

"My mind just keeps wandering off! It's so frustrating because I want to pay attention." Yet when I quizzed her on how her behaviour had changed she beamed at me: "I'm so proud of myself! For the first time in my life I'm not finishing everything on my plate!"

You see, what was happening to Sandra was completely normal; she was describing the state of theta and, despite the fact that she wasn't consciously listening to my words, her subconscious was clearly acting upon them. Sandra went on to lose 12 kilos.

This Podcasts Explains The Stages Of Hypnosis:

(music courtesy of Longzijun)


Delta is the deepest state of hypnosis and comes in at 0.5-4Hz. Delta is a deeply restorative state and during that time you are not aware of what your hypnotherapist is saying, but the suggestions are being accepted by your subconscious mind.

You should note that it’s rare for you to only enter one state during your hypnosis session. More likely you will begin by oscillating from alpha to theta, and sometimes when you become more accustomed to my voice you may drop down to Delta.

Many of my clients report that when they listen to my hypnosis MP3s, they think they have fallen asleep – yet when the music stops they open their eyes. This is an example of being in Delta.

This is a summary of what happens to the brain when you're in a trance. Each of the three states I mentioned is equally effective. So if after your first session of hypnosis you’re worried that it didn’t work, take comfort in the fact that you only have to be in a very light state (Alpha) in order for the therapy to be effective.

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