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Are You Hiding Behind Your Weight Problem?

Are you staying fat to protect yourself from the ups and downs of life? Hiding behind excess weight is more common than you think.

You already know that if you want to drop weight you have to eat less and exercise more; this is a no brainer, yet Australia is the second fattest nation behind the United States. So what’s stopping you? It could be your subconscious.

The Pay-Off

Reasons people stay fat

Whenever you are not doing something that you know you need be doing (for example, exercising 3 times per week), or whenever you are doing something that you know will cause you to gain weight instead of losing weight, there is usually a very good reason.

For many people, that reason is protection. For example: protection from having to find a partner and risk getting hurt, protection from the sexual advances of the opposite sex or simply protection from having to change.

These are just a few reasons why people sabotage themselves and resist doing the very things they know will help them to lose weight and keep it off. What exactly is it that we need protection from?

This Podcast Explains Everything

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Anabel's Story

My client Anabel was an intelligent, successful, professional woman who struggled with yo-yo dieting. She was sexually abused by her uncle from the age of 7 until she became a teenager. At the time she was too scared to say anything, but when she finally did pluck up the courage to tell her parents when she was 15, nobody believed her.

“I used to be a really skinny kid. I started packing on weight when I was 14 and this got worse after I tried to tell my parents and they pretended nothing was going on. In hindsight I can see why I gained the weight, but back then I had no idea why I was ravenously hungry all the time.”

Anabel was dealing with so much; not only the abuse, but also the betrayal from the people she loved the most. A young Anabel subconsciously decided that if the people who were supposed to protect her couldn’t (or wouldn’t), she’d better make damn sure to do it herself.

How To Stop Hiding

If you were a victim of sexual abuse at any stage in your life, consider how this may be affecting your weight. Perhaps there is a part of you that believes if you lose weight, you will risk being violated again.

If you have had bad experiences with romantic relationships in the past, there may be a part of you that is protecting you from being hurt again. If you make yourself invisible to the opposite sex by being overweight, then you will never have to take that risk.

Looking at these two examples, on one level, it makes perfect sense doesn't it? Except that there are so many more powerful and positive ways to protect yourself than with your weight. If you think you might be staying overweight to protect yourself, you can change this negative behaviour pattern. The first step is to discover the reasons why you are sabotaging yourself.

As you bring these subconscious pay-offs into conscious awareness, you can then consciously choose to let them go with the help of self-hypnosis. I have seen my clients move through their own personal obstacles and take control of their weight. You can do it too.

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