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You can work with your mind to learn how to be in happy in life no matter what is going on around you.

When you rely on outer circumstances to make you happy, you’re doomed to fail because lasting happiness cannot be found in the things, people and experiences we have in the world.

But this doesn’t stop us from believing in the myth, and so we find ourselves plagued by ‘if only’ mind.

For example: ‘If only I could land my dream job, then I’d FINALLY be happy’.

The truth is, you only have a limited amount of control over things such as your job, your financial situation or your status in the world – after all, we can’t always get what we want.

Getting What You Want Is Not The Path To A Happy Life

Even if you did get everything you wanted, this alone would not make you happy. We get used to things very quickly and so our goals, dreams and achievements, while certainly fulfilling, can only ever bring us a limited amount of happiness before that happiness eventually fades.

Even those who win the lottery, while euphoric at first, return to their original level of happiness after 6 months. The way to a happy life is in your mind – and you can change your happiness set-point with hypnosis.

This Hypnotherapy MP3 Recording Will Help You:

  • Learn how to be happy in life by really appreciating the good things you have right now;
  • Be in the present moment instead of worrying about the future or getting stuck thinking about the past;
  • Let go of the little things in life that cause envy, frustration, resentment and anxiety;
  • Make a conscious decision to choose happiness.
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Length: 21:37
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