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You can become an expert at assertive communication with hypnosis.

When we’re growing up we’re sometimes bombarded with rules such as: ‘always put other people before yourself’, 'don’t rock the boat’ and ‘put on a happy face’.

These rules can produce submissive children and later on, submissive adults

Those who are unable to ask for what they want, set boundaries or say ‘no’ are often people who, later on in life develop severe anxiety and anger problems.

Avoiding Conflict Only Makes Things Worse

This is because when you deny or stuff down the negative emotions that come from never getting your own needs met, these feelings always come back up in one form or another.

In fact repressed emotions can also contribute to other problems such as addictions or antisocial behaviour.

If you’re a people-pleaser who wants to be able to deal with conflict, stand up for yourself and communicate well with others then you’ll really benefit from this recording.

The Be Assertive Hypnosis Recording Will Help You:

  • Say no and mean no when it is appropriate for you;
  • Stand up for yourself in a positive, respectful way using assertive communication;
  • Ask for what you need with conviction and get your needs met;
  • Gain more self-respect and confidence in all areas of your life
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Length: 19:53
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