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If you're trying to cut down on your alcohol consumption you'll know how hard that can be, especially if you have been drinking regularly for many years.

Fortunately, self-hypnosis can help you stick to your guns and commit to one or more alcohol free days per week, thus effectively reducing your alcohol consumption.

You may have tried to do this on your own in the past by using willpower - and failed. Don't let that stop you from trying again - but this time with the right kind of help!

I'll Have an AFD Tomorrow...

Famous last words. How many times have you used that excuse? What other excuses, justifications and denials to you tell yourself over and over again so you can keep on drinking too much?

Your subconscious mind knows, and it's onto you! It knows all the little tricks your mind plays on you to make you keep failing every time you try to establish healthy drinking habits.

You can use self-hypnosis to smoke out all those old excuses that keep you going around in circles and get rid of them forever. Get in touch with that strong, determined part of your mind that knows how to do this and make it work in your favour.

This Recording Will Help You:

  • Consciously choose to commit to a set number of alcohol free days per week;
  • Remove all the excuses and justifications that have stopped you from sticking to your commitment in the past;
  • Easily reduce your alcohol consumption;
  • Find healthier ways to soothe yourself other than with alcohol
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Length: 22:39
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