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If you suffer from agoraphobia then you may truly be a prisoner in your own home.

This is because the fear, which often starts out as a discomfort in crowds, can escalate to the point where the sufferer has panic attacks.

The fear of not being able to escape becomes so great that you may eventually reach a point where you only feel safe in your own home.

Of course, once you have one panic attack you become fearful of having another…and then this creates a vicious cycle; a kind of ‘fear of fear’ on top of the phobia itself.

Break The Cycle

No matter how debilitating your condition is, you can get the help you need. Overcoming agoraphobia requires two things:

  • Gradually desensitising yourself to the perceived fearful situations. This means setting tiny goals that become bigger goals as you gain more confidence and challenge yourself to do the things you are afraid of;
  • Removing the old outdated subconscious beliefs that led you to feel unsafe and anxious in these situations in the first place

Listening Regularly To This MP3 Will Help You:

  • Retrain your mind to become comfortable in situations which would normally make you anxious;
  • Challenge and rise above old beliefs that have kept you paralysed by fear and stuck in the past;
  • Visualise yourself taking trips outside and effectively ‘practising’ for the live event;
  • Gain more confidence in yourself and trust in the goodness of life
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Length: 23:20
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